Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Starting Here

Who am I and why do I think my thoughts about SQL Server would be useful enough for anyone to want to read them?

I am Kurt Survance, chief consultant and owner of SQL Consulting, Inc. http://sqlconsulting.com. My Microsoft certification card is dated 1993. It carries certifications for MCSE, MCDBA and MCP and is number 2535 in a series that now stretches past one million. You can see that I have been in this game longer than most. However, I would not recommend getting old just so you can be experienced.

I just got back from Redmond where I served on a panel of Subject Matter Experts (SME) reviewing one of the SQL 2008 exams. I am on the other end of the certification game now.

So much for experience. It is important but it's not everything. Eventually I will get around to writing something useful but for a little while I will be busy redesigning the look and feel of the blog page.

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