Saturday, July 11, 2009

TSQL change in SQL 2008 can break legacy code

As of the 2008 version, SQL Server no longer supports the old antiquatedd syntax for outer joins. It now requires the use of the newer JOIN keyword syntax. While it is a good idea to get rid of this flawed syntax, there is a considerable amount of legacy code that uses it. Before upgrading to SQL 2008 you should search your TSQL code for examples of the old outer join operators ( *=, =*) to see if this is going to affect your application.

Here is an example of the old syntax using the AdventureWorks sample database:

SELECT SalesTerritory.Name, SalesPerson.SalesPersonID
FROM Sales.SalesTerritory, SALES.SalesPerson
WHERE Sales.SalesPerson.TerritoryID *= Sales.SalesTerritory.TerritoryID

This syntax will generate an error in SQL Server 2008. To get around this you need to change the code to the accepted ANSI syntax or else set the database into compatibility level 80. Here is an example of the supported syntax

SELECT SalesTerritory.Name, SalesPerson.SalesPersonID
FROM Sales.SalesTerritory
LEFT JOIN Sales.SalesPerson on Sales.SalesPerson.TerritoryID = Sales.SalesTerritory.TerritoryID

So far Microsoft has only de-supported the outer join form of this syntax. The inner join form will still work. However, it should not be used in new code. I suspect it will be de-supported in a future release as it should be. Specifying join conditions in the WHERE clause makes it far too easy to leave a join condition out of your WHERE clause, especially in queries that join many tables.

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